Be an Unstoppable Leadership Team


The Advanced High Performance Leadership Workshop builds on the High Performance Leadership Workshop to deliver a new level of vision, effectiveness, accountability and teamwork within an organization. 

Key Principles of the Workshop

Leaders aren’t born, they're made.   -Vince Lombardi

Leaders aren’t born, they're made.
-Vince Lombardi

  • High Performance  Participants tap into a new paradigm for high performance allowing for results previously thought to be impossible. 
  • Occurring World – Leaders gain direct access to the dials and levels that impact performance to elevate results in any area in the organization.
  • Vision – Leaders master creating and spreading a compelling vision that inspires and energizes the entire organization.
  • Leadership – Each participant identifies areas for development within his or her leadership capacity and causes a breakthrough in those areas during the workshop. 
  • Responsibility – Participants take full ownership by eradicating blame, allowing new openings for effective action.
  • Teamwork – Teams operate as one, working cooperatively and supportively to produce results.
  • Communication – Effective and supportive communication allows for trust and teamwork.
  • Enrollment – Mastery of a highly effective tool that creates buy-in and inspires others to take action.
  • Integrity – The ability to honor one's word expands in the organization's culture, allowing for high degrees of workability and large results. 
  • Accountability – A system of accountability is enhanced to empower others to honor their word and fulfill on commitments over time. 

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