Create your Organization's Future

The Leadership and Strategic Planning Workshop supports teams in creating a highly effective strategic plan and develops the leadership skills to effectively execute that plan. 

Key Principles of the Workshop

  • Planning the Future – The team creates a compelling future, and gains highly effective tools and methodologies to realize that future. 
  • Declaration – Leaders gain a new language and set of tools that gives them an elevated ability to create and shape the organization's future.
  • Leadership – Each participant identifies areas for development within his or her leadership capacity and causes a breakthrough in those areas during the workshop. 
  • Teamwork – Teams operate as one, working cooperatively and supportively to produce results.
  • Communication – Effective and supportive communication allows for trust and teamwork.
  • Management – Accountability becomes empowering and an environment that grows others while producing breakthrough results is created. 
  • Enrollment – Mastery of a highly effective tool that creates buy-in and inspires others to take action.
  • Accountability – A system is created to empower others to honor their word and fulfill on commitments over time. 

Case Studies: