Case Study: 
The World Bank



The World Bank is a United Nations international financial institution that provides loans to developing countries for capital programs. The Bank has a membership of 188 countries, 6 official languages and 12,000 plus staff and consultants who work in Washington, DC and in more than 130 countries worldwide.


To transform a group of 2,500 members of the Bank’s workforce, ranging from administrative assistants to vice presidents, from moderately productive and fairly unmotivated to a group of inspired, productive and responsible leaders accountable for and connected to the Bank’s mission.


Gemini selected 70 key individuals of the 2,500 and divided them into four groups. Each group participated in in-depth workshops on leadership, team and management over the course of a year.


  • Participants elevated their ability to demonstrate leadership and act as problem solvers, replacing the climate of complaints, blame and dissatisfaction
  • Participants became motivated and highly engaged by creating new and inspiring purposes for their work, replacing low productivity, divisiveness and low morale
  • Participants were able to take new effective actions towards forwarding the mission of the organization by newly connecting their roles to the Bank’s mission
  • Teamwork and collaboration between divisions increased due to the entire group constituting itself as a team of one all working for a common purpose
  • Participants created action plans providing ideas to improve management structure that were accepted by the Vice President

Participant Quotes:

"I can really believe again that anything’s possible; I am willing to be courageous, deal with risk, and operate from my commitments rather than my circumstances."

"I think the biggest thing I gained was a technique for turning complaints into productive actions."

"Often times we don’t consider ourselves as leaders if we don’t have the right title. However, we saw how each person, regardless of job level, can conduct themselves as charismatic leaders who inspires the team, communicates effectively and leads them to action."

The workshop has worked over time, even grown in its effectiveness. It’s been about two years now, and what started out as a very resigned and stressed group, are now a highly motivated and productive team, producing results, some very unexpected. For myself, I learned a great deal about myself and how to strengthen my leadership.   
-John Roome, Director, World Bank

I’m better able to be powerful in difficult situations, no matter how confronting. I’ve gained a muscle in choosing what is effective. I take this coaching seriously and really use, because it’s an access to effectiveness and power.
-Ronnie Hammad, Senior Operations Officer, World Bank

I perceive a genuine and substantial improvement in our internal transparency, respect for each other, focus on team, and our mission, as well as individual accomplishments.
-Susan Stout, Senior Manager, World Bank