High Performance Workshops

We tailor our pre-existing workshops proven to produce breakthrough results to meet your unique needs 

High Performance Leadership

Elevate leadership and team effectiveness of executive, management and sales teams

Advanced High Performance Leadership

Master leadership and the art of being an effective team to produce previously impossible results

High Performance Sales

Become highly effective in sales

Action Master Workshop

Take effective action and master managing all of the action to take to reach big goals and win

Business Mental Toughness

Master the mental game of business and high performance

Leadership and Strategic Planning

Create the plan for the organization to fulfill on its mission and enhance leadership to effectively execute on that plan

Mastery Workshops

Sales  •  Management  •  Customer Service  •  Effective Communication  •  Public Speaking

We took the company to a new level of profitability within six months. Gemini’s coaching provides a new level of business integrity and performance. It is THE competitive tool in today’s business environment. We produced miraculous results that resulted in the successful sale of our company. 
-Raj Sharma, Former CEO and Founder, NexTone Communications

A year ago, I don’t think I could have taken on my leadership and had the tools and accountability to cause the future of the company the way I do now, without the coaching. 
-Andrew Colby, Vice President, Guavus

I believe that the training and coaching experience elevated our perception and consciousness of our team’s leadership style. It was a great exercise in self-evaluation as a leader and collective evaluation as a team to raise our performance and ability to lead our Tribal organization into the future.
-Ron Allen, CEO, Jamestown S’Klallam Tribe