Two Ways to Raise your Game

We promise to deliver results previously thought to be impossible using our highly effective methodology


Executive Coaching

Individualized 1-1 coaching to elevate leadership skills, deal with tough challenges and increase overall performance


Group Programs

Workshops for teams or workgroups to become a team of one, grow as leaders and shift the culture of an organization


The Workshop was exceptionally effective, exceeded expectations and accomplished all that I wanted. Gemini promised this result, and they delivered. Our leadership team was re-invigorated, aligned, and accountable for shaping and delivering the company’s future.
-Jim Regan, CEO, DRC

Gemini has been instrumental to have us achieve our goals, expand our leadership, and our ability to work together effectively as a team. We’ve exceeded our sales numbers way beyond last year, doubling them for this year.
-Jill McGregor, CEO and Founder, Capitol Services, Inc.

Coaching has provided us a total transformation from where we’ve been operating for the last 15 years. We’re now supporting each other’s effectiveness as leaders, authentically communicating about the tough issues and making decisions by consensus and in a timely way.
-Sam Malhotra, CEO and Founder, Subsystem Technologies