Be An Action Master

Action Masters are highly effective at managing all of the actions in life

Among knowledge workers today

  • 72% are stressed
  • 85% say their job intrudes on their personal life
  • 42% lose sleep over work
  • 67% consider switching careers

The Workshop addresses

  • Stress, overwhelm and “too busy”
  • Lack of work-life balance
  • The seemingly unmanageable amount of actions you need to take each day
  • Not reaching goals as fast as you want
  • Distraction, worry and procrastination
  • A sense of being stuck and unexcited about work
  • Thwarted in fulfilling what matters to you

Results from the Action Master Workshop

  • Gain between 5-15 hours per week
  • Increase sales 30%
  • Be able to do both what you need and want to do
  • Create a roadmap to achieve your goals
  • Reduce stress and overwhelm to gain peace of mind, health and wellbeing
  • Be in a productive mindset that allows for increased effectiveness
  • Be masterful at managing any size workload
  • Increase your ability to focus on the task at hand


Current Workshop Dates
(Washington, DC Area)

Thursday, October 15, 1pm - 9pm
Friday, October 16, 1pm - 9pm

Download the Workshop Flyer and Registration Form

This is one of the most powerful, succinct training courses I have ever been involved in.
-John Gillespie, VP of Business Development, IBM, Asia Region

I have gained about 20 hours each week after the workshop. My stress is way down, I can actually stop working at 6-6:30pm on weekdays and all together on the weekends. 
-Kyle, Vice President, The Kenific Group

Within 1 week after the Workshop, I was able to gain 3 hours per day, and in 1 month increased our revenue 20%, which is the highest it has been in 8 years.
-Angel Rivera, Owner, Unique Cleaning Solutions