Case Study:
NexTone Communications


We took the company to a new level of profitability within six months. Gemini’s coaching provides a new level of business integrity and performance. It is THE competitive tool in today’s business environment. We produced miraculous results that resulted in the successful sale of our company. 
-Raj Sharma, former CEO and Founder, NextTone Communications


NexTone Communications was a voice-over-IP infrastructure company that went from being a startup to a 300 person firm before being acquired in 2008.


  • Transform the corporate culture from one of distrust, divisiveness and insufficient integrity to one of alignment, trust, teamwork and full integrity
  • Create an extremely effective sales team using state of the art sales methodology
  • Take the company from a startup operating in the red, to a firm with exponential growth and profitability


Initially, the seven member executive team participated in a workshop and:

Nextone Process.png
  • Distinguished where integrity was missing in client relations that had been causing a lack of trust and impeded the company’s full potential
    • They were then able to restore their client relationships by taking responsibility for the divisiveness between sales and delivery
  • The team came together as one after inventing a shared future and purpose that inspired each executive
    • This allowed them to became highly motivated to create partnership, support, and effective communication

The Head of Sales received one-on-one coaching to:

  • Have continual breakthroughs into larger market areas, reaching unprecedented sales results on a quarterly and yearly basis
  • Transform himself from a highly productive individual salesman, operating solo, into an effective manager, team player and executive
  • Learn Gemini’s sales methodology that had the sales team “be in the customer’s world”, implement a culture of accountability and have sales increase exponentially


NexTone’s results started one month after the initial 3-day workshop in 2000.  Since then, NexTone:

  • Increased annual revenues by 7,901% from 2001 to 2005, to $14.7 million
  • Secured more than $92 million in venture capital financing with investors that include One Equity Partners
  • Grew from a handful of employees to about 300, with offices in Tokyo, Singapore, London, Amsterdam and Coral Gables, Florida
  • 2007
    • Named Future 50 winner by Smart CEO Magazine
    • Ranked #2 in Deloitte’s Maryland Technology Fast 50 list
  • 2006: 
    • Ranked #1 in Deloitte’s Maryland Technology Fast 50 list
    • Ranked #36 in Deloitte’s North American Technology Fast 500 list
    • Received the first Maryland Technology Champions Award from Governor Robert Ehrlich
    • Named one of IT Week’s Top 50 Technology Innovators
    • Named to the Pulver 100 list
  • 2005:
    • Named one of IT Week’s Top 50 Technology Innovators
    • Named to the Pulver 100 list
  • 2001-2004:
    • Named to the Pulver 100 list