Be in the Zone

Translating the same methodology originally developed from working with top level athletes, business leaders elevate their ability to be in the zone and generate high performance on demand.

Key Principles of the Workshop

  • Leadership – Participants gain an increased ability to be a leader and exercise effective leadership.
  • Teamwork – Teams operate as one, working cooperatively and supportively to produce results.
  • Eliminating the Blame Game – Participants give up the paradigm of blame, gain access to new effective action and fully own their results. 
  • Being Vision Driven – Individuals and teams create and take ownership of a compelling vision that inspires and energizes the entire organization.
  • Focus and Clarity – Participants gain a tool to allow them to dissolve anxiety and execute peak performance right out of the gate for important meetings and events.
  • Integrity – Participants gain a powerfully relationship to their word and create a solid foundation for extraordinary results.
  • Momentum – Individuals and teams increase their awareness of momentum in business and elevate their ability to manipulate, regain and control that momentum.
  • Playing Full Out – Participants distinguish their hidden relationship to winning and losing, giving them a new ability to take risks and play full out.
  • Power – Participants increase their ability to generate mental toughness at any time, regardless of external factors.