Take your Game to the Next Level

Professional athletes have coaches. So do top performing business leaders.

We coach executives, managers and sales people to:

  • Expand leadership skills

  • Elevate performance

  • Reach big goals

  • Increase sales

  • Launch a new business

  • Succeed in a new position

  • Communicate more effectively

  • Increase executive presence

Coaching is delivered over the course of 6-12 months and conducted over the phone/Skype for clients outside of the Washington, DC metro area. 

Coaching has put wholeness, balance and integrity in our work and home lives. I’ve learned to focus on the bigger picture and delegate and empower our team more, releasing their creativity, problem-solving talents and investment in outcomes. Surprisingly to me, I am actually doing more with greater balance and less stress.
-Alex Aleinikoff, Dean, Georgetown University Law Center

I’m better able to be powerful in difficult situations, no matter how confronting. I’ve gained a muscle in choosing what is effective. I take this coaching seriously and really use it because it’s an access to effectiveness and power.
-Ronnie Hammad, Senior Operations Officer, World Bank

I’m still with the same coach after 8 years because this coaching truly makes a difference in how I approach my leadership and my ability to deal with tough issues.
-Sheila Stampfli, CEO, Courtesy Associates, a Smith Bucklin Company