We Empower Indian Country’s Leadership

Gemini supports Native American Tribes in transforming their Tribal leadership to fulfill their mission and goals to be productive governments, leaders, managers, and communities.


I believe that the training and coaching experience elevated our perception and consciousness of our team’s leadership style. It was a great exercise in self-evaluation as a leader and collective evaluation as a team to raise our performance and ability to lead our Tribal organization into the future.
-Ron Allen, CEO, Jamestown S’Klallam Tribe



For centuries, Native American Tribal governments have faced challenging circumstances, high unemployment rates, low per capita incomes, remote locations making economic development difficult, limited natural resources, and severe health issues like diabetes, overweight and substance abuse.

Since the 1970s, Tribal governments have been empowering themselves by taking responsibility and accountability for providing services to their members formerly provided by the Federal government. Through Tribal Self-Governance, Tribes now redesign programs and set priorities to meet the distinct needs of their members, rather than having Federal priorities and regulations dominate.

The Present

An opportunity now exists for Tribal governments to take their empowerment to a new level. Having outstanding Tribal leadership and effective Tribal teams makes the difference as to whether a Tribe takes advantages of new opportunities or spins its wheels with little results. Gemini has been supporting Tribal Governments to expand their government leadership capabilities to:

  • create a stable economic base and expand economic development
  • create effective teams
  • develop leaders that are powerful and effective
  • enhance supportive and productive communication throughout the Tribal leadership and community
  • increase education, health care and other services to the Tribe
  • preserve the Tribal cultural heritage
  • create trust, teamwork and alignment on key issues and goals
  • reduce high turnover of council members and staff
  • clarify in roles and responsibilities
  • generate a clear and inspiring Tribal vision and mission
  • boost low moral
  • generate a new level of accountability and responsibility for Tribal results
  • eliminate blame
  • develop self confidence to make effective decisions
  • have relationships with Tribal membership that work


We accomplished what we planned in the Workshop; it exceeded beyond our expectations; we re-unified our team leaders within the Tribe in a situation that began with a divided team. This is not your typical training and it’s well worth the time and effort.
-Genia Williams, Head Tribal Chief, Walker River Paiute Tribe

We fulfilled our purpose on the part of the council, which was to honestly deal with our issues. We broke down a lot of our defenses and created an understanding of where we and the council are at. We found people’s hearts. 
-Donald Widdiss, Chairman, Wampanoag Tribe

As a participant, I’ve learned from the Workshop that the problems we thought we had are not there and can deal with the issues we’re faced with fairly easily as a team because we’ve taken away the blame and ’make wrong’ of the leadership team and have learned responsibility, accountability and communication. I’m going to show the team my confidence and support of them and am committed to doing this training on a regular basis.
-Gerry Millet, Tribal Chief, Duckwater Shoshone Tribe

The workshop was very inspirational and fostered teamwork building skills to develop open lines of communication and providing structures to accountability and stability, and allowed us to restore a lot of working relationships between members of our leadership team. 
-Nancy Egan, Chairwoman, Shoshone Paiute Tribes of the Duck Valley Indian Reservation

Gemini has a tremendous leadership coaching program that is an eye opener and causes you to step back as a leader and as an individual and makes you think. I would recommend it to anyone. Gemini has a new way to identify and resolve breakdowns rapidly and then get through them in having breakthroughs. We created a foundation of integrity and learned enrollment as a powerful way to communicate. 
-Dennis Jones Sr., Council Member, Shoshone-Paiute Tribes of Duck Valley Indian Reservation